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Digitization in the production

Connect sensors to value

Connect brownfield to efficiency

Connect machines to MES/ERP

DIe Grafik zeigt eine gezeichnete Produktionshalle mit Bearbeitungsmaschinen.


potential check

The first step always is an assessment, on which basis we can set the course. We explain, what benefits are possible at what cost.



A basic concept shows, how we extract the necessary signals from your machine. At this point, we coordinate with every important division within your company.



Only very little initial costs are due for the first machine. With that, you get a feeling, how useful our solution is. Further steps are being discussed after the evaluation.

A selection of our implemented projects:

All shown references (written and prictured) have been cleared by our customers.  Please don't hesitate to ask in what other beanches and areas we have done our work.

We look forward to answer all your questions. Contact us!

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