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Energy Data Center at J. Lehde GmbH

At J. Lehde GmbH, RSConnect has provided an Energy Data Center solution for displaying compressed air, water, heat quantity, photovoltaic and electrical data. A total of nine nodes were provided and connected. A supplied RSConnect dashboard displays the data live and centrally with a local reference. The substations can be selected via the dashboard and viewed in detail.

Communication takes place via ModbusTCP to a central node, where an RSConnect dashboard provides insight into all measurement data and various clusters. In addition, the data is transferred to a MySQL database from which the customer can operate their own evaluation systems (e.g. Grafana).

Project goals

Central Dashboard with the most important, location-related key figures

Transfer of data to customer MySQL database

Measurement of: Compressed air, water, heat, photovoltaics and electrical power

Connection of eight nodes, a total of 44 measuring devices/measuring points

Project benefits


Location-specific evaluations of consumption


Flexible further use through MySQL connection


Scalability through powerful hardware and expandable software


Simple operation of the dashboard with access via the floor plan


RSConnect created a customized solution with J. Lehde GmbH: The installation situation and signal acquisition were different at each of the nine junctions.

In collaboration with Hans Stahl GmbH & Co. KG (specialist for electricity/heating/cooling and air conditioning), the necessary infrastructure (230V, network, M-Bus preparation) was initially created at each of the nodes, mainly in the existing distribution boxes. Stahl installed the necessary electrotechnical components for the measurement technology, while RSConnect took care of the connection and commissioning of all measurement components and the overall solution.

Data measurement


Protocol / connection type

Number of measurements

Compressed air










Direct measurement (Rogowski coils),

as well as by direct inverter readout (manufacturer: Kostal) Modbus TCP & ModbusRTU



Energy metering

Direct (current transformers & Rogowski coils),

and pulses (on the transformer)



Display of data

The central dashboard provides an overview of all measurements and allows you to jump to the individual nodes to obtain a detailed view of consumption. Navigation (on the right) also makes it easy to see which nodes/clusters account for which proportion of energy consumption.

It is also important that the data is not only stored locally at the head office, but is also transferred to a MySQL database provided by the customer. From there, custom evaluations and aggregations, e.g. with a Grafana dashboard, are possible, such as monthly reports.

„Overall, the customized solution from RSConnect enables us to manage our operations more efficiently and conserve resources, which not only saves us money, but also actively contributes to environmental protection.“

Johannes Lehde, CEO


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