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Rainer Schmutte (CEO RSConnect) sitzt an einem Tisch.

Brownfield machine connection can be a huge challange - roughly every second machine works offline - without connection. There are many good software solutions, but all of them do not consider the last step towards the machine - which is exactly what we do. We provide holistic solutions for our customers and software partners.

Rainer Schmutte, RSConnect

About Us

RSConnect is a flexible company, with years of industrial experience - ready to help your company to become a connected manufacturer and connected machine builder!

Often, services for real data collection by software companies do not consider the last step towards your machine. There won't be a perfect solution.

On top, the project seems expensive and highly critical concerning e.g. the warrenty of your machine. Competencies in sensor tech, electrical engineering, automation and data collection/IT are required to succeed, which is exactly, what RSConnect brings along.

We rely on already existing communication protocols in new machines. If not available, we retrofit technology to your machine - without endangering the warrenty at all. We do not touch the control circuits of your machine either. Retrofitting sensor tech is absolutely uncritical and is assured by us at all times.

Individual solutions by RSConnect with the perfect evaluation software provide our customers a maximum efficient system. We understand your production, have experience in automation and a large network of technology and software partners.

5G is going to affect our future in the next years. Not only as a new mobile communication network but mostly because of its ability to deliver real time data, high availability and connecting far more users than 4G can. For the first time, mobile communications will not be reserved to telecommunication providers. We can use private cells in your production to level the grounds for a modular and flexible production structure.

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