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Support & Know-How

We have already implemented projects with all the components and tools listed - you can also participate if you need support. Even if you don't find exactly the same model here - the setup and commissioning is often very similar within the manufacturers.

RSConnect GREY.Box
RSConnect Logo

Edge Devices

Linux-based edge devices for control cabinet installation are suitable for higher performance requirements. The mix of PLC programming options with Codesys, as well as the parallel use of own programs or Docker in Linux, lead to a highly efficient solution - without major IT effort.

WAGO Controller PFC

Controller PFC

The PFC controller is a compact controller on the modular WAGO I/O system. In addition to the network and fieldbus interfaces, it supports digital, analogue and special modules.

WAGO Compact Controller

Compact Controller

The Compact Controller as a controller for the most common fieldbus systems is a fully-fledged IIoT device with gateway functionality. In addition to CODESYS programming, independent engineering is also possible.

WAGO Energiemessgerät

Power measurement

The space-saving energy meter with push-in connection technology records active/reactive energy, mains frequency and current/voltage/power.


The e!COCKPIT enables fast commissioning of machines and shortens development times and combines integrated development environments for hardware configuration, programming, simulation, visualisation and commissioning.


Softing uaGate 840D
Softing Industrial Logo

uaGate 840D

The uaGate 840D reads SINUMERIK 840D machine tool data, provides data access to the SIMATIC S7-300 as well as OPC UA and MQTT transmission and enables versatile data processing.

Softing Datenverarbeitungslösung
Softing Industrial Logo

Data processing

All-in-one data integration solution for OPC UA communication, Big Data and IoT cloud connectivity, including Store And Forward functionality for reliable access to leading manufacturers' controllers.

Softing Datenaggregierungslösung
Softing Industrial Logo

Data aggregation

edgeAggregator is an OPC UA data integration layer for Docker-based IoT edge solutions. It enables the aggregation of OPC UA servers at the automation level and provides a consistent OPC UA interface.

Janitza UMG96 Energiemessgerät
Janitza Logo

Power Measurement

The UMG 96RM is designed for low and medium voltage distribution systems, measures harmonics up to the 40th harmonic and has rotating field components. The device has 2 digital outputs.

Janitza UMG801 Energiemessgerät
Janitza Logo

Power measurement

The UMG 801 offers various communication interfaces and enables direct data transmission via OPC UA to higher-level systems. The RD 96 extension adds operating convenience and additional safety to the control cabinet.

Janitza GridVis Netzvisualisierungssoftware
Janitza Logo

Grid visualization

The GridVis® grid visualization software is an elementary component for energy management and power quality monitoring systems.

Solvimus M-Bus
Solvimus Logo

M-Bus Gateway

The MBUS-GEM collects the data of the connected M-Bus devices and makes them available as Modbus TCP data via the integrated Ethernet interface. And is mainly used in automation technology.

Weidmüller u-remote
Weidmüller Logo


In addition to its slim design, the I/O system offers a large number of combinable I/O modules for every application. The integrated web server speeds up and simplifies commissioning.

Weidmüller Leistungsmessmodul
Weidmüller Logo

Power Measurement Module

The module is used to record and process currents and voltages of single-phase or three-phase loads. E.g. reactive, apparent, harmonic and active power and energy consumption are measured directly with the module.

Weidmüller Energiemessgerät
Weidmüller Logo

Power measurement

In addition to the core functions of energy measurement, ValueLine energy meters offer local data storage and a visualisation option.

Phoenix Contact Energiemessgerät
Phoenix Contact Logo

Power measurement

Multifunctional energy meters with direct Rogowskian connection and integrated Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP interface for measuring electrical parameters in low-voltage installations.

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