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Energy and machine data acquisition @BRISTA

At Franz Brinkmann GmbH (BRISTA), RSConnect has implemented a solution for energy and machine data which, in a first expansion stage, records the data from 3 metalworking machines and displays it transparently aggregated in an RSConnect dashboard. The data was recorded using current transformers, digital signals and, in the case of two machines, direct data exchange via Profinet. Data was exchanged between the machines via ModbusTCP.

After this first expansion stage, 12 further stations were connected with three additional machines. These were generally installed in existing distribution boxes. In the RSConnect dashboard, the individual stations or clusters can be selected for a detailed view via the central view on a floor plan. The data is also transferred to the customer's MySQL database.

The technology was supplied and installed by RSConnect with preparatory measures by BRISTA, utilizing existing current transformers, resulting in a very efficient use of hardware.

Project goals

Central dashboard with the most important, location-based key figures

Transfer of data to customer MySQL database

Measurement of energy data, compressed air, PV generation

Expansion of the solution by 12 stations on 6 machines

Minimization of measurements

Project benefits


Location-based information on consumption


Flexible further use through MySQL connection


Simple operation of the dashboard with access via the floor plan


In a first implementation step, RSConnect equipped three BRISTA pilot machines with energy measurement technology using current transformers. In this first step, the dashboard includes a rudimentary display of consumption per day/month/year and the number of units. In addition to the energy data, other machine data was transferred via Profinet or signals from the control cabinet.

With the second implementation step, further machines were connected and a representation of the machines on a floor plan of the two BRISTA plants was desired and also necessary for an overview.

In addition to the stationary measuring points, BRISTA received a mobile measuring kit from RSConnect for individual analyses at flexible locations:

The central view of the dashboard shows the status of the machines as well as an aggregation of the active power/consumption data, PV generation and compressed air consumption.

It is possible to jump to the detailed pages by selecting the relevant area, and the machines/plants can always be selected directly.

With this extension, the customer is able to query and analyze the respective machine data live at any workstation by calling up the dashboard via a browser. The combination of central station and substations with data supply to the central station via ModbusTCP makes it easy to display and evaluate clusters.

In addition to the energy data, the compressed air data is fed back to the compressor controller (airleader) so that the compressor can be optimized there.

The compressed air consumption is read out via Modbus RTU using special compressed air sensors.

The data is stored locally on the RSConnect devices - in addition, the meter reading data is transferred to the customer's MySQL database. This means that future evaluations, such as a monthly report, are also possible outside of an RSConnect dashboard and/or in a higher-level system.

„The networking and retrofitting of suitable measurement technology enables us to transparently display and record our current energy consumption and machine statuses. The implementation of the project by RSConnect was to our complete satisfaction.“

Hubertus Rudolphi, Head of purchasing at BRISTA


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