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Machine data acquisition at ENNEATECH AG

RSConnect implemented an MDE/BDE connectivity solution based on GREY.Box at ENNEATECH AG. This comprises eleven production machines in six halls, some with retrofitted energy measurement technology. Data evaluation is carried out centrally and decentrally via a web dashboard, supplemented by regression analyses in an Excel macro. The efficient use of existing measurement technology reduced hardware costs, and the project took only four weeks.


RSConnect implemented an MDE/BDE connectivity solution based on GREY.Box at ENNEATECH AG in Großefehn. The eleven production machines in use, including extruders, mills, shredders and others, are organised in six halls and partly had existing energy measurement technology. The missing modules were retrofitted as part of the project.

The evaluation is accessed centrally and decentrally at the machine via a web dashboard, where entries can also be made. Furthermore, regression analyses are carried out in an Excel macro with access to the database, which allow deeper evaluation in addition to the digital shift log.

The efficient and sustainable use of existing measurement technology leads to a low hardware input. The project duration was about four weeks.

Project goals

Digital shift book replaces the paper shift book

Machine condition monitoring

Fault message checks & statistics

Status & Time Analysis

Reduction of hardware costs through the use of existing technology

Project benefits

Minimal effort for machine data collection

Manual shift book was replaced immediately

Transparency and prompts at the workstations lead to outstanding data quality

Easy to use - leading to employee acceptance

Future-oriented technology, open for networking the new ERP software to be introduced in the future via OPC UA or REST


The heart of the solution is the GREY.Box, which reads and processes energy data live from the Janitza database via REST API.

Agreed logics and rules set clear states, such as "production", "off" and "set-up/maintenance". Depending on the machine type, the operator then only has to confirm and detail special cases via a touch screen, e.g. machine-specific reasons for malfunction or general information texts. In addition, manually recorded scrap quantities are also aggregated and entered via the shift.

Added times of all states are sent back to the Janitza DB as the central storage medium.

The GREY.Box itself contains a database for direct use of an Excel macro to determine regression analysis data.

The central dashboard shows the overall view. At the individual machines, the respective machine dashboard can be seen, where the workers make their entries. Changes can only be made after logging in - an RFID reader will be used for this in the future.

Historical events are mapped in a digital shift book and can be viewed both centrally and at the individual machines.

"Working with RSConnect was fun. They always took a solution-oriented approach and implemented our requirements at short notice."

Artur Lange, Head of Production at Enneatech


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