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Machine connectivity – especially in brownfield – is quite complex. Approximately, half of all plants work self-sufficient – without connection.

Although there are a ton of software solutions of each machine manufacturer, they often do not consider the “final step” towards the machine.

An individual and most of all: manufacturer-independent solution, providing transparency, minimizing setup time and increasing your OEE, is our standard for you.

Industrial 5G

5G is the future of industry. The reason, why other wireless systems are inferior in production environments, and why it is useful in the first place, to choose 5G as your wireless communication system can be shown with your individual production site.

The development of this technology will increase drastically in the next years which is why we offer you the opportunity to be one of the first companies using 5G and developing new business models.

Digital Business Models

for machine and plant manufacturers

You know your machine by heart – this machine can deliver a lot of data, opening gateways to many new service models or even whole new advantages for your customers.

We show you how you can not only sell steel and iron in the future, but also redesigning your range of services for the digital future.

Digitalization is process optimization

- just more awesome.

Rainer Schmutte, RSConnect

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