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Digital Business Models

for machine and plant manufacturers

für Maschinen- und Anlagenbauer

Connect data to knowledge

Connect ideas to business models

Connect value to new offerings


The question of what exactly the content of your business model is depends on a few questions that we will answer with you in advance.

The focus is on evaluating customer needs in connection with the use of your machine data.

Income opportunities, make-or-buy decisions and project duration are the working points of the first phase.

first assessment



In order to make your business model as efficient and profitable as possible, we work out the sales and service concept with you, paying attention to the influence of insurance, norms and guidelines and drafting functional and value-added profiles.

Our service extends across the entire planning spectrum, from building competencies to product launch and further development concepts.

In order to be able to develop a successful business model, all factors have to be examined.

This includes the needs of your customers as well as your process situation, because the implementation of the models also includes process changes in the vast majority of cases. We accompany you on the way and develop concepts such as how a service portal can be implemented.

As a specialist for your machine, you provide us with input that we process with you.

From the generation of ideas through the conceptual design and implementation to the market launch - and beyond that in optimization steps, RSConnect is at your side.

Ecosystem integrations or their structure can be examples of support from RSConnect. Here, the compatibility of the planned model with the existing offer must be checked so that the customer's requirements for flexibility and convenience are met.

The new service offering can, for example, contain content such as predictive maintenance and repair as well as anomaly detection and error detection. Here, too, it is important to determine the requirements of the customer and to serve them as best as possible.

A concrete example is the subject of "power upscaling as a service". Here, the customer calls up an additional performance for a short period of time that is hardly conceivable with conventional machines without a great deal of retrofitting. No problem for you thanks to valuable monitoring information.

Verschiedene Edge Devices unterstützen digitale Geschäftsmodelle.

Edge-Devices for business models

Have you already worked out a business model?

Then we will also support you in the following steps.

For one of our customers that was exactly our task:


An evaluation of edge devices has been carried out for its application.

All shown references (written and prictured) have been cleared by our customers.  Please don't hesitate to ask in what other beanches and areas we have done our work.

We look forward to answer all your questions. Contact us!

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