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Industrial 5G

Connect industry to 5G

Connect machines for modularization

Connect your future


Our basic workshop gives you an understanding of what 5G does and what 5G is needed for. On this basis, you can see what benefits 5G has for you.


Every plan starts by defining goals and a concept for the usage. We will work this out for you.


We support you with the application, the concept for frequency usage and the other formalities. We coordinate the set-up of the 5G network at your site with our partners.

frequency application & set-up

Every application is different - that's why every potential customer needs absolute individuality in the approach. Thanks to our manufacturing know-how, we can talk on an equal footing.

To make it easy for you to get started with 5G, we offer support:

"Industrial 5G - focus on campus networks, basics workshop"

energielenker solutions GmbH

Markus Große Gorgemann (Operative Leitung, Prokurist):

“With the help of the 5G workshop, we can now define the use cases and understand the technology behind the 5G buzzword. A compact and informative workshop that we liked very much. "

Markus Große Gorgemann.jpg

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH

Reimund Laermann (Head of Energy management)

“In addition to the very well prepared basic information on the technology, we were able to learn a lot about possible applications, challenges and necessary goals that must go hand in hand with 5G.


The individual workshop part was particularly valuable for us, in which we were able to compare our own ideas with the technical possibilities and became more secure for future investments. "

Reimund Laermann.png

In this (German) video, Rainer Schmutte answers 5 question regarding industrial campus networks. The technology, costs and partners for this project are being discussed.

In the future there will be many more sensor technology providers who want to network via 5G - are you someone who wants just that?


RSConnect works with you to develop a business model in which you benefit from our expertise and experience in the field of industry and production.


Today, set the technological course for tomorrow and work with a service provider from the "first hour" with an extensive network of partners and organizations behind you.

All shown references (written and prictured) have been cleared by our customers.  Please don't hesitate to ask in what other beanches and areas we have done our work.

We look forward to answer all your questions. Contact us!

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