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We show you the opportunities of how to use 5G in the future, why other wireless networks are not fitted for production and why it is important to build a 5G environment in the first place.

RSConnect explains the general development process and helps to make decisions for the future.


We help to build your competence and keep you updated. 5G is already in use – where and when this is useful will be explained with your individual situation. If you decide on equipping a 5G network, RSConnect and our partners configure the network and put first test devices in operation, as well as taking it to the roll-out in your whole production.

In this (German) video, Rainer Schmutte answers 5 question regarding industrial campus networks. The technology, costs and partners for this project are being discussed.

RSConnect acts project leading with these topics for campus networks or test applications:

Development Pro's & Con's for your company

A 5G-network can be useful – though to install it without a significant usecase is usually too expensive. We evaluate, if 5G is “the way to go” for you.

Coice of manufacturer or service provider

As in every market, there are already many tech or service providers for 5G components. We help to choose ine that fits your usecase.

Infrastructure / Network plan

The concept of an own network has to be precise – that regards the usecase analysis, the coverage plan and the installation. We support you in each phase.

Rough cost estimation

To get an idea of what financial effort a 5G network means, we present example scenarios for estimated costs.

Licence application

Because a 5G Frequency is to be licensed, you have to apply for the use. Since this is a administrative effort, we take care of that. You don’t have to worry about this point.


(Edge-Devices, Base-Station, Core)

According to your usecase some hardware components might do the job better than others. If chosen wrong, the whole network is limited in its functionality. We know the potential strength and weakness of certain hardware and will advise, what is best for your usecase.

Launch & Grid Operation

service, optimization, add-ons

Congratulations, your 5G-network is now online. Up from this point, the network needs support and maintenance. That includes error spotting and resolving, the analysis for improvements and the potential for add-ons.

We offer our help in every phase of the migration to 5G.


RSConnect shows a functioning OPC-UA-communication via 5G with it's own 5G-license.

We support on exhibitions and events, by finding the right approach, the right contents and after all by presenting a realistic and authentic application.


The future will bring a lot of sensor manufacturers who want to connect via 5G – you are one of them?

RSConnect helps you to develop a business model – you will profit from our competence and experience in industry and production.


That is how you level the field for tomorrows technologies with a service provider of the “first hour” that backs you with a large network of partners and organizations.

For further questions, contact us via our contact formWe are happy to answer all your questions!