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OPC UA Server

Connect machines to servers

Connect data securely

Connect industry to knowledge

OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) is a powerful technology that is essential in industry for seamless communication. However, setting up OPC UA communication between server and client can be a challenging task that requires specialised knowledge for the individual machines/equipment.

In order to send data to the higher-level IT systems via OPC UA, an OPC UA server is required. This role is assumed by the machine/plant. From there, data is made accessible or transferred directly to a system (client).

RSConnect is an independent service provider and offers the installation of an OPC UA server across all manufacturers.

Der OPC UA Server (in diesem Fall Siemens) im Schaltschrank eingebaut.

We check your Sinumerik and install the OPC UA server, set it up, run tests and support you in integrating the data into your IT system.

As an integrator of Siemens solutions, you can also purchase the licence from us.

Abgebildet ist RSConnect als Heidenhain Partner Automation.

RSConnect is Heidenhain Automation Partner!

We test your Heidenhain control and activate your OPC UA NC server licence on the machine. We set up the server, run tests and support you in integrating the data into your IT system.

Das Bild zeigt eine Heidenhain-Steuerung mit Maschinen-Parametern.
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RSConnect offers integrations from and into various systems. Siemens Sinumerik and Heidenhain controls are two examples from current projects.

If the data for your machines/systems are not yet recorded, we can also help you with this:

You already have a control system that outputs data via OPC UA, but need to expand it or provide it with logic or interpret data points in a target-oriented manner? We deliver this data to your IT system via a bridge:

Do you have questions about data transmission via OPC UA?

We will help you - feel free to contact us via our contact form.

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