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Connect machines to optimization

Connect data to knowledge

Connect production to visualization

RSConnect is a HEIDENHAIN Partner Automation - and can therefore offer you an even more customized solution!

We provide you with the last meter to the machine, the network connection and the data evaluation from a single source. We realize this with the HEIDENHAIN StateMonitor.


5 2 . 8 0 0   €

cost of 10 minutes of unrecognized machine downtime per shift for 5 machines in three-shift operation on 264 days, at an hourly rate of €80

The StateMonitor offers a simple and uniform interface for recording, evaluating and visualizing your machine data. One of the key functions: Identification of unproductive times.

The calculation illustrates the effects - even with small machine fleets, enormous potential can be leveraged and efficiently eliminated by the simplest means.


Sustainability in production

In addition to identifying unproductive times and machine monitoring, the StateMonitor offers a number of other functions:

A digital maintenance manual, the order status of NC programs, fault messages, visualizations and energy evaluations are widespread use cases.

Monitoring energy consumption in particular is in the spirit of sustainable production - and therefore offers great potential for saving energy costs in addition to the positive effect on the environment.


All from a single source.

Planning, Implementation, Software.

Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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