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Peak load management

Connect environment to efficiency

Connect industry to efficiency

Connect shopfloor and energy

In times of rising energy costs and growing environmental awareness, efficient energy management is crucial. Our focus is on customised solutions that minimise your energy costs by specifically reducing the power peaks of your structure.

Im abgebildeten Lastmanagement-Dashboard werden Verbräuche, Erzeugung und die Differenz grafisch angezeigt.

An overview of our services

1. Efficient peak load management for your needs


We develop customized evaluations to assess your peak loads, reduce them effectively and ultimately save on charges. We take into account the supplier's 15-minute cycle. From every 4th minute (of the respective quarter of an hour), we extrapolate your consumption in a minute cycle. Depending on the target value you set, the switch-off is triggered.

2. Machine-friendly on- and off-switching


Our evaluation takes into account the careful switching on and off of your consumers. This not only ensures efficient utilisation of your energy, but also prevents unnecessary wear and tear or defects in your systems. The rules for switching on and off are fully controlled by you.

3. Integration of PV-systems (or other internal power sources)

Many companies are focussing on a sustainable energy future and integrating photovoltaic systems or other alternative energy sources - we integrate these into the analysis of peak load management. Our analysis therefore not only reflects energy outflows, but also your inflows.

Das Dashboard zeigt die Verbrauchsparameter für jeden Messpunkt an.
schwarzer Hintergrund

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