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Connect sensors to value

Connect brownfield to efficiency

Connect machines to knowledge

Our solution enables the integration of different data collection points in your industrial plant. From machine data acquisition (MDE) to energy data, information is sent to a central system that acts as a hub for data buffering, data preparation and individual queries. Depending on your needs, this central system can be a shop floor center, an energy center or a combination of both.

We divide the functionality into three levels - of course, individual configurations are also possible.

Stage 1 - Basic Functions

With the basic functions, we provide important key figures to create a first level of transparency. Contents of the dashboard are:

  • the availability

  • the energy consumption per day/month/year

Das Dashboard zeigt ein schlankes Standard-Dashboard für eine Produktionsmaschine.

Stage 2 - Machine Overview

With stage 2, we provide more detailed insights into our own production. The data collected is aggregated to make metrics previously presented at company level available at division/department level. We present you e.g. B. a hall layout that offers a quick overview of the status of the machine in traffic light colors.

Das Dashboard zeigt einen Hallenplan mit Ampel-Status jeder Maschine.
Das Dashboard zeigt eine detaillierte Übersicht der Maschinenparameter.
Das Dashboard zeigt eine tabellarische Auflistung aller Statusmeldungen im zeitlichen Verlauf.

Stage 3 - Detail Analysis

In the 3rd stage, we process the recorded data in such a level of detail that you can obtain information and key figures at machine level or at data point level. You decide which focus we set for the evaluation - depending on the area of application and your objective, the adjusting screws can be adjusted accordingly.

Das Schema zeigt die Struktur einer Stufe 3 Detailauswertung in einer Produktion mit elf Anlagen.
Das Bild zeigt einen RSConnect Mitarbeiter bei der Programmierung einer Einbaulösung inklusive Dashboards.

Our dashboard solution takes your Industry 4.0 initiatives to the next level. From a high-level business overview to detailed machine information, our three-tiered system provides the flexibility and power you need to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve your operations.

Feel free to contact us via our contact form for more information.

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