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Connectivity mApp for MIP

Connect machines to MIP

Connect data securely

Connect industry to knowledge

Abgebildet wird das Logo der MIP (Manufacturing Integration Platform) der Firma MPDV.

MPDV's Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) is a groundbreaking integration platform for manufacturing companies that want to make their production processes efficient. In today's complex world of manufacturing IT, companies need a variety of IT applications to successfully plan and produce.

The MIP enables manufacturing apps (mApps) from a diverse ecosystem of different vendors to be seamlessly connected. This opens up the freedom for manufacturing companies to decide for themselves which apps are critical for them, and they can easily use existing data structures as well as basic services. In addition, existing systems can be integrated effortlessly and individual solutions based on standard software can be created.

With MPDV's MIP, manufacturing companies benefit from the expertise of numerous ecosystem partners and create a future-proof IT architecture while avoiding the vendor lock-in effect. The MIP offers maximum flexibility and is the functional infrastructure of the Smart Factory.

#MIP - Certification achieved!

With our mApp you get connectivity between your machine and the MIP. We are a certified MIP partner and deliver the desired data from the machine directly to the MIP via web service. Support with data interpretation is also part of our service.

Abgebildet wird das Banner, welches RSConnect als zertifizierten Partner ausweist.
Das Schema zeigt die Funktionsweise der RSConnect mApp von der Produktionsmaschine zur MPDV.
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