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Connect industry to 5G

Connect AI to production

Connect performance to hardware

Abgebildet wird die RSConnect GREY.Box (ein Hochleistungs-Edge-Device).


For the industry, 5G is becoming a top issue at a rapid pace. The GREY.Box is optionally 5G-capable and combines power and connectivity.


The GREY.Box supports CODESYS, so it can be universally integrated into your production environment.

AI Processing Power

Complex operations are everywhere - but flexible solutions with AI are not. The GREY.Box architecture allows you to run on-edge AI applications.

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The GREY.Box is a robust industrial edge device of the new generation.

Thanks to its compact and fanless design, the device fits easily into any control cabinet and shines above all through its openness and performance on edge.

As an openly designed edge device, the GREY.Box offers broad connectivity - various interfaces, CODESYS support and a Linux Ubuntu LTS operating system give you all the freedom you need for your individual applications.

The powerful components give GREY.Box a strong advantage over other edge devices in common processes.

Due to the special architecture and module usage, the GREY.Box is able to host AI processes directly on the device - a connection to the cloud is not necessary (but possible).

Application areas:

  • Training data acquisition for AI applications

  • Execution of AI applications

  • Machine data aquisition in the field of 5G campus networking

  • Energy data collection in the field of 5G campus networking

  • Central functions, dashboards in the field, database hosting

  • edge computing

  • and much more.

Energy measurement with the GREY.Box

The GREY.Box is an all-rounder - enough power for computing-intensive processes, enough interfaces for connecting peripheral devices and measurement technology and with a compact, industrial-grade design for the control cabinet.

The customer benefits from the performance, particularly in direct energy measurement: database hosting, dashboard and measurement data recording combined in the smallest of spaces.

And best of all, the solution can be easily scaled if additional machines are to be connected.



Nano or Orin

CPU : Quadcore up to Octacore

Multicore GPUs

RAM : 4 GB bis 8 GB, other upon request

Data storage: 16 GB + optional SSD up to 2 TB

HDMI, USB 3.2 Gen 2, Ethernet, CAN,

4G/5G/WiFi (opt.)

OS : Ubuntu LTS

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