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Edge-Devices for business models

RSConnect was hired as a specialist in a customer project. Our task was to evaluate suitable edge devices and to bring the use cases from the industry closer to the customer.

Specifically, it was about the compatibility between production machines and other areas of application.

It was therefore necessary to provide the customer system with a real test environment. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of various industries and the available data, we were able to simulate various production systems and put the customer's model through its paces.

Your input is of paramount importance if a product or business model is to perform well or very well on the market. Edge computing as such has a strong future - forecasts assume that in the upcoming years more than 60% of the produced data will be processed by edge computing, which means that the demands and requirements for such devices will constantly increase.


RSConnect offers you a vendor-independent view and is able to give you an unbound recommendation. Test simulations can be customized - please contact us if you need support here.

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