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Machine data acquisition (MDA) / IoT solutions

Connect sensors to value

Connect brownfield to efficiency

Connect machines to knowledge

Machine data acquisition is the basic requirement for every analysis and for every process optimization in production. RSConnect provides the know-how for the control cabinet as well as for the IT implementation.

We use the most appropriate combination of hardware and software components for the situation at hand to acquire signals from the machine.

In order to pass on the data to higher-level software / IT, we transfer everything via OPC UA or in a preferred protocol/technology. Our performance does not stop in the control cabinet - with our data promise, we ensure that the data also arrives in your IT.

Abgebildet wird ein RSConnect Mitarbeiter beim Einbau einer Lösung zur Maschinendatenerfassung außerhalb des Schaltschranks.

What's special about that:

We do not make any significant changes to the control cabinet / machine.

You therefore have a completely independent solution in relation to the machine directives.

Abgebildet wird der Inhalt einer kompakten Box-Lösung zur Maschinendatenerfassung.

A solution is installed completely decoupled from the machine control. The supply voltage for the IoT technology is taken from the 230V side.


The signals are decoupled and used according to their potential. We implement the power measurement precisely, either with current transformers or with Rogowski coils.

schwarzer Hintergrund

M D E  -  S t a n d a r d

data promise

independent solution

up to 4 different signals

M D E  -  I n d i v i d u a l

data promise

independent solution

Individual number of signals

M D E  -  I N

control cabinet integration

Optionally with external housing, if no space is available inside the control cabinet

Abbildung der Einbaulösung für MDE.
Abbildung der Box-Lösung zur Montage außerhalb des Schaltschranks.

M D E  -  P O W E R


Directly in the 400V circuit of small machines up to big units with 1.000A power consumption

Energiemessung mit Rogowski-Spulen.
Energiemessung mit Rogowski-Spulen.

Our solution takes your Industry 4.0 initiatives to the next level. Collecting machine data is the 1st stage and a necessity for later analysis and improvement for many efficiency measures.

The outlined solutions show only a small part of the possibilities - please contact us via our contact form for more information and an individual offer.

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