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Production transparency
Energy and machine data

K&S Anlagenbau GmbH

With the transparency and the associated process adjustments, the effectiveness in mechanical processing should be increased. Above all, however, the utilization of the machines and the distribution of energy costs should be transparently prepared for the management.


K&S Anlagenbau GmbH has hired RSConnect to collect and evaluate data with regard to energy data and machine status. The presentation takes place in a slim dashboard. The transfer of the data to a higher-level system (e.g. ERP / MES systems) is already prepared.


We have successfully connected a total of fourteen systems and displayed them in our dashboard. Together with the energy consumption of the systems, we also measured the energy and active power fed in by the photovoltaic system from the inverter center and displayed it live.

Data Center.png

This means that it is now possible to read out the total energy consumption and the individual consumers, as well as the various machine states, without intervening in the machine controls. A general overview is possible with the help of a floor plan of the production hall.

Shop Floor.png

This data is also available in an automated export - evaluations can therefore also be performed by other systems not using the RSConnect controller. Open data management is very important to us as an manufacturer-independent service provider.

If you already have an evaluation tool or an ERP system that you would like to import into, we will transfer the data to you via an interface of your choice.

We professionally install the hardware in your control cabinet. We explicitly do not intervene in the controls. All signals that are necessary for evaluation can be tapped with a decoupler. This does not affect the system's guarantee.

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