Digitalization in Production

Connect sensors to value

Connect brownfield to efficiency

Connect machines to MES/ERP


checking your potential



c h e c k i n g   y o u r   p o t e n t i a l


First things first - we assess your situation and potential together with you. We work out, which potentials can be achieved with which efforts?






c o n c e p t

After that we develop a rough concept of how to get the most important machine data and signals and energy consumption data for your machine or your whole production site.


At this point, we coordinate with every important division within your company.


first connection



f i r s t   c o n n e c t i o n


The third step is designed to be as cheap and as simple as possible. We start by only collecting the most important data from one single machine. We focus on system states, cycles, malfunctioning and energy consumption.

That data will be stored locally and will be available with a lean dashboard providing live-data.





e v a l u a t i o n

The last step involves the evaluation of your data as well as how changing your process can affect the efficiency of your production. With those profound results, we are able to collect the required data from other machines and plants right away.


We recommend specific approaches and provide a basis of decision for further digitalization measures, e.g. software tools or ERP-links.

The initial costs for this first phase are very low – that is because we start by only analyzing a single machine. Because of our experience, we understand your machines and are able to cluster processes reasonably without unifying them – this actually resolves in the exact opposite: We support the individuality of your production.


We provide transparency to all your processes and an overview of the machine usage. We expose malfunctioning, power consumption and the scrap level. With our expertise, you get an idea of connecting brownfield machines to modern systems. If your machine already provides data via different communication methods, we can easily access them.  If required, we connect our technology with your existing IT-production network.


The possibilities with digitalization are endless – another following step is e.g. predictive maintenance. By using our service, you lay a valuable base for all further actions.

Cyber security is one of the most important factors when collecting data – by that we ensure your company’s values.

You would like to moniter certain figures to spot anomalies? Because we store the data locally, we are able to indentify the critical state together with you and eliminate the cause.

RSConnect provides an individual digital concept for your future.

Concept example:


Example of results after the first phase:

To keep things as simple as possible, we use a lean but very effective user interface, collecting all data and displays your OEE, the energy consumption and other KPI's.

The interface can be adjusted to your very own requirements, accessible via your standard internet browser (HTML5). Alternatively a display can be located right next to the machine (e.g. with an industrial touch-panel).

Benutzeroberfläche Digitalisierung Maschinen.PNG
Pfeil transparent.png

The IoT-Box is the device between user interfaces and sensors and/or your machine. We evaluate the situation on site - if there is enough space in the control cabinet, we use it to install our equipment.

Our solution functions as a data collector and is the base of the evaluation process & interface for the data.

This easy RSConnect-solution requires no external PC or server to run. With one small addition, you can even access the data wireless with your phone or tablet.

Pfeil transparent.png

With suitable sensor technology, relevant data such as scrap levels to calculate your OEE can be collected. The variety of sensors is hardly limited – each individual machine can be equipped with the right sensors. RSConnect pursues the strategy of using multifunctional sensors to minimize expenses as far as possible.

Bildquelle: Balluff GmbH

Bild 1_CMS_membrane_standard_02_orig.png
Pfeil transparent.png

Your machine is the heart of your production. All information needs to be available here. Modern machines use interfaces such as OPC UA, older machines might need additional sensors or a parallel tapping of existing sensors.

You would not want us to access your machine control system directly – which is definitely not our target. We assure you to not perform major changes. With RSConnect-know-how regarding electrical engineering and automation technology, we are capable of taking the last step towards your machine.

If it is not possible, to decouple the “correct” signals, we offer our competence to monitor the machine state by its vibrations and power figures:

200904_Hyundai Runtime Detection.png

You would like to display energy data and allocate the costs? We provide you this data for a initial overview:


transparency, energy consumption of the machine

local surveillance & analysis of anomalies

local data management & storage

modular system

energy efficiency for machine comparision

basis for ISO50001 requirements

transfer to external systems, e.g.: OPC UA / MQTT

easy retrofit

peak performance optimization

basis for (unit-)cost allocation

reporting, analyss

no manual reading of energy figures

identification of downtime consu

CO2-balance, sustainable production

energy figures KPI, e.g.: kW/unit

combination with machine data


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